Our Mulch

At Forrest Lytle, we offer multiple kinds of mulch as well as topsoil, gravel, compost, Pine Nuggets, straw, and Pine Straw. Our mulch is loaded with a front end loader bucket so each "scoop" is the equivalent of a true cubic yard. One cubic yard of mulch will cover a 10x10 area (100 square feet) at three inches deep.


We deliver bulk and bagged items. Delivery rates do apply and vary depending on the location of delivery.

Black Gold

Dyed Mulch

The black gold is our most popular mulch. It is a triple shred, all hardwood bark that has been aged and processed three times to give it a deep brown color and very fine shred. It goes down very easy and looks great all season.

At Forrest Lytle, we offer three dyed mulches: Sierra Red, which is a dyed red; Black Beauty, which is a dyed black; Brown Supreme, which is a dyed brown. These three mulches add great color to any landscape and have a long lasting color. The dyed mulches are also available in 2 cubic foot bags.

Lytle Mulch

Premium Mulch

The lytle mulch is our cheapest mulch. It is a double shred all wood mulch with organic matter. It is a great mulch for gardens and flower beds.

The premium mulch is a double shred all hardwood bark mulch that is processed twice. It is more "coarse" than a triple shred mulch and has a deep brown color.

Playground Woodchips


We offer shredded topsoil, not fill dirt, by cubic yard. Have a garden or want to add some organic material into the topsoil? Try our top mix, which is 50% topsoil and 50% compost.


At Forrest Lytle we offer woodchips that are the certified grade required to go into playground areas, or anywhere you desire. These are a natural wood color.

Pine Straw Bale

Becoming more and more popular, we keep bales of pine straw in stock throughout the year. These are the larger bales that the other suppliers do not carry. One bale of pine straw will cover 45 square feet the first application and cover 90 square feet the second application.

We have the large straw bales for sale.

Pine Bark Mulch

We have three different kinds of pine bark (or pine nuggets): We have the mini pine nuggets; pine bark mulch (medium in size); and the large pine nuggets. These are available only in bags. Also available is the pine soil conditioner, also known as pine fines. This is a very fine consistency of the pine bark.


Pea Gravel

Crushed Limestone

Oversized Gravel

Medium Round Gravel

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