Grass Seed

Forrest Lytle offers many different seed varieties to allow you to get the job done or get your yard looking top-notch. From straight fescues, straight rye grasses, or a mix of fescue and rye, we have all the different seeds necessary for your seed job. Grass seeds include:


  • Annual Rye
  • Perennial Rye
  • Kentucky 31
  • Contractors Mix
  • Bull Fescue
  • Fescue / Rye Mixes that include a 10% or 15% Rye Mix
  • Straight Fescues - Tall and Turf Type Fescues

With any new seeding and over seeding, we recommend using a starter fertilizer, 10-20-20, to help the seed germinate and take root. Straw and straw netting are available to cover newly seeded areas.


We also offer a premium fescue sod. The sod is cut by the square yard, 6.5 feet x 1.5 feet. We do not usually keep sod in stock as we want it to be freshly cut.


Please call ahead to place an order or to see if we have any in stock.

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