Arbor Supplies

Weights, climbing gear and more

  • Climbing Saddles from Weaver and Buckingham. Multiple sizes and models available
  • Adjustable lanyards, straps, and slings
  • Arborists blocks and pulleys that vary in size, strength, and rope diameter. Double pulleys and micro-pulleys are available
  • Throw weights and throw lines available in different weights and line lengths
  • Ascenders and descenders
  • Climbing gaffs from Buckingham
  • Carbiners in multiple styles, strengths, and colors
  • Safety gear such as glasses, helmets, hi-vis wear
  • Big Shot: Sling shot for throw weights
  • Cabling gear including cables, lag hooks, and rods

Pruning Equipment

  • Full selection of Felco pruners. Replacement blades, parts, and holsters available
  • Bahco pruning shears and pruners
  • Corona long reach pruners
  • Silky, Marvin, and other brands of hand saws. Replacement blades available
  • Jameson pruner heads. Replacement blades and parts available
  • Scabbards of multiple sizes and styles
  • Jameson fiberglass pruning poles. Multiple sizes and styles available
  • 12 foot poplar wood pruning poles


We carry trusted brands such as:


  •  Samson
  •  Husky
  •  Forrestry Pro


We carry rope in varying lengths and sizes:


  • 120 and 150 foot length climbing rope
  • 150 and 200 foot length bull rope
  • Multiple sizes
  • All ropes rated to meet safety standards

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